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learn unity3d 2

1.particle system. cool. make the effect of explosion or ash 2.transparent shader to make a transparent object 3.waypoint system. i started to think 522 is useful 4.Destroy (gameObject, lifetime); 5.when build, remember to add the scene. Advertisements

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learn unity3d 1

1.add two or more light to make the scene looks complicated. 2.edit->render setting-> can change ambient color 3.edit->project setting-> input edit->project setting-> physics to change the gravity edit->project setting-> quality anti-aliasing 4x 4.use input = new Vector3 (Input.GetAxis (“Horizontal”), 0, Input.GetAxis … Continue reading

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make game by python script in maya

seriously, why would any one want to do that kind of thing??? import maya.cmds as cmds import maya.mel as mel import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya import maya.OpenMayaAnim as OpenMayaAnim import maya.mel import ctypes import os import sys import shutil from … Continue reading

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go python a place to download pygame of different version of python

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my friend and me task one

1. make something like the water is flowing. a moving texture. 2.make the player push the rock(in one direction)

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522 physics

522…the hell 522!!! something about IK and FK: FK is what we learned, change joint space of each joint. IK is more intuitive, change the final joint and it will calculate how other joints change..(but how? whatever..) one tiny things … Continue reading

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on giant shoulder task3 ability graph

i don’t know how to say ability graph more formal and can’t get some info about how to draw that. so i just use 5 UISliders in NGUI to draw this.. 1.private UISlider[] sliders; sliders = (UISlider[])GetComponentsInChildren<UISlider> (); this is … Continue reading

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