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dynamic decal effect on unity

what i want to do now based on a game: unfinished swan. the first step of course, is to shoot something( blood, water) on an object and let it looks like it adhere to the object. the skill needed here … Continue reading

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project tango 102 mesh builder+occlusion

here is what i have now: so basically i add mesh builder and occlusion together. i tried to do it with the zombies like the last post, but sadly, the mesh created is not very good so the demo of … Continue reading

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project tango 101

here is how the first try looks: you can see the zombie will hide behind the stove when you move and will move out of the it when it move forward. and i add a simple hit and die behavior … Continue reading

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protective shield material in unreal

material, can be used on a translucent glowing protective sphere- shape shield in unreal Continue reading

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google tango before 101

i hate setup!! here are some tips: if you can play the demos on phone, try update your tango phone. the latest sdk and tutorial(love it! is on unity 5(well at least i can make them work on 5), if … Continue reading

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