dynamic decal effect on unity

what i want to do now based on a game: unfinished swan.

the first step of course, is to shoot something( blood, water) on an object and let it looks like it adhere to the object. the skill needed here is decal.

sadly, the decal effect in unity is either too simple( can only support wall and floor) or expensive($95 !!), so I referred some code and create this effect:Untitled

the basic idea is, when you click, create a mesh on the place of the camera and “push” it forward. Push is actually using raycasting, do raycast from camera to each vertices, and see if collide with something, if so, put the vertices to the collide point. after relocate each vertices, draw the mesh again.

The main problem with this way is, if one of the vertices is far away from others, there will be weird lines linked between these vertices. Need to fix this but i’m satisfy with this effect now.

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