google tango project


google drive(include video and screen shots):


how to play:

start the game and choose shooting game.

when start, the instruction will tell you this is a magic camera and you can see monsters in the world:


and you can create a wormhole by draw a circle counterclockwise on the wall:


so there will spawn a wormhole:


then there will be monsters flying outScreenshot_2015-11-30-15-06-29.png

you can tap the screen to shoot ball and hit them:


after killing a monster, it will teach you how to cancel the wormhole:


and teach you draw a hole on the ground:


and the ground hole will spawn mushroom monsters:


it will teach you how to use different skills,just draw these gesture on the screen(counter clockwise) and your ball will transfer to magic ball:


there are relationship between different magic. if you use correct magic, you will do more damage, other wise you will do less damage or even restore the enemies health!Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-08-23.png

now you’ve done enough damage so you can try the boss:


draw a circle on the ceil:


here is the boss! kind of cute..:


the boss has two kind of skill, one is create a big fire ball:



one is create lots of balls around her:


the color of the fires around her and fires she shoot shows her ability now. so if they are red, means she is fire ability, so you need to draw water and beat her. otherwise you cant hurt her. and you just need to kill her to end the game:


that’s everything.



google tango unity:

UI sample:!/content/25468

gesture recognizer:!/content/14458

fantasy enemy pack:!/content/13489

succubus monster:!/content/6107

Tested and recorded at USC gamepipe:



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