learning photoshop

just bought a wacom and played with it. here is the tutorial:

and this is my paint..


…i know some thing looks weird.. but take a look at my first try:


…really photoshop is so powerful to make someone like me can draw a picture like that. and wacom is harder than draw on paper, or maybe i just need to practice more…


what i learned:

1.use ctrl+alt and right mouse to control size and flow of the pen.

2.draw on different layers, first two for sketch, then draw faster on third one to looks like the second version but with confident, smooth line.

3.draw a circle: select a circle, fill with not all layers, layer blend->stoke, magic erase the middle of it, wrap it to looks like a circle drawed by human.

4.lock transparent pixel then draw, will only draw when this layer has stuff.

5.use merge down to merge two layers.

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