learning note – maya, make a lemon


learning note:

1 Select vertex and move them

2 Select->shift +right ->smooth

3 Right ->assign material->labert

4 Create bump image:

window->renderer editors->hypershade

Select the labert

Bump/normal mapping, select fractal

Go back to model, press 6

5 cut lemon:

Right click->face

Select half of lemon

Edit mesh->extract

Move that half away

Select half, mesh->fill hole

6 press g to repeat last instruction

7 add texture:

Select face, assign material, color->file,select file



8 animation:

Add fx->nCloth->passive soft body to ground

Add active soft body to lemon. Add fields/solvers->gravity to lemon

Change frame to longer.


9 light click 7 to apply light

my result:

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