unity anima 2d learning notes 2

15.you can set the parent bone’s child to none to detach the first child bone(this troubles me for a long time. sometimes you don’t want to have any child bone, before I just add a dummy child bone..)
16.spring manager: stiffness decide how hard to change the bone(0.001 in tutorial). drag decide how fast the bone will come back the idle position(0.4 in tutorial)
17.alt+click the hiarchy will open(or collapse)everything in this hiarchy
18.add spring manager in the character, and spring bone in each bone.
19.spring bone: radius, for collider. is use each bone force setting:use stiff&drag in manager or in each bone. spring force: idle position
20.set z order in spriteMeshEditor->inspect->z order to decide how parts in one sprite order when overlap(eg when you rotate the arm, how should forarm and rear arm orders when overlap
21.how to change face/clothes: make a new face, drag it in the scene and move to the same position of the old face, add bone and set order and everything, delete it. add “sprite mesh animation” to old face.add old face and new face’s prefab. in anim, change the frame in it.
22.same for the clothes, you can make different frames for the clothes to change them.

used spring bones(see the tail :P) and mesh anim on giraffe:

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